Decision-Making, Personhood and Dementia Book Published

In May 2007, the CRPD hosted an international, interdisciplinary workshop funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Canadian Institutes on Health Research (Institute on Aging), in order to talk and think about isues related to dementia, personhood and decision-making. The resulting book,  Decision-Making, Personhood and Dementia: Exploring the Interface, was published this spring by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2009). It aims to broaden the discussion of desicion-making and dementia beyond the traditional focus on rational, cognitive ability.

The book was edited by Deborah O’Connor and Barbara Purves of the CRPD, and contains work by other team members (Wendy Hulko, Louise Stern, Elizabeth Kelson, JoAnn Perry, Martha Donnelly and Margaret Hall) as well as Canadian and international experts in dementia studies and decision-making (Clive Baldwin, Andre Smith, MaryLou Harrigan, Grant Gillett, Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai, Jill Manthorpe, Cheryl Tilse, Jill Wilson, Deborah Setterlund, John Keady, Sion Williams, John Hughes-Roberts, Pia Kontos, Gary Naglie and Murna Downs).