The Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia (CRPD) evolved in response to a recognized need for research to examine the potential of a personhood approach to dementia care practices in British Columbia. Established in July 2004, the CRPD is a trans-disciplinary research centre situated in the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

The CRPD represents the collaboration between twelve British Columbian researchers engaged in research focused on a person-centred approach to dementia.

Encompassing expertise that capture biomedical, social sciences, and humanities perspectives at both academic and clinical levels, the CRPD provides a unique environment for research collaboration. Our research activities are contributing to the growing body of research focused on personhood in dementia.


The mission of the CRPD is to initiate, facilitate and integrate trans-disciplinary research that increases understanding and implementation of personhood approaches to dementia and dementia care.

Under the broad umbrella of this mission, the CRPD aims to:

  • increase understanding of personhood in dementia
  • develop interventions for supporting personhood


The CRPD focuses its research in four broad areas:

  • exploring the relationship between issues of personhood and course of illness
  • examining how the social, cultural, familial, and physical environment can support or impede the maintenance of personhood in individuals with dementia
  • developing empirically-grounded interventions
  • articulating policy statements and practice guidelines that will improve the quality of services and supports for persons with dementia and their families

See the Research section of this website for more information on the CRPD’s research endeavors.