Personhood in Dementia Framework

Personhood in Dementia Framework

Furthering Our Understanding of Dementia

The Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia conducts research under the umbrella of two broad themes:

  • understanding personhood
  • supporting personhood

Within these broad areas we have conceptualized research on personhood as encompassing three interrelated and intersecting domains of inquiry:

  • Subjective Experience (SE)
  • Interpersonal Environment (IE)
  • Socio-cultural Context (SC)

Each encapsulates an essential dimension of a personhood approach to dementia care that requires further understanding, yet none can be fully understood in isolation of the other.

The figure below illustrates this framework.

Our Researchers / Current Research Areas

Our researchers come from a range of professional backgrounds: architecture, audiology and speech pathology, medicine, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, social work, and sociology. CRPD researchers conduct research from a person-centred focus to dementia care.

See Current Research Projects for an overview of ongoing and recent research.